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How To Make Pumpkin Latte Syrup At Home

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Oct 25, 2013

Im one of those people who goes seasonal overboard I think it's such a beautiful thing! Weither your one of those people or not, you probably still love pumpkin spice lattes! I use to always go to local coffee cafe's and Starbucks to get my craving. This has changed my life and I haven't been to a coffee shop in months! The best thing about this syrup is you can make it all organic with no additives and chemicals.. and it's so cheap! Add up having 2-3 lattes at Starbucks a week and you end up spending $65 a month! Plus this is at your own convenience.

I mix this with cold or warm almond milk with a sprinkle of cinnamon and it's amazing! You can add this to coffee, tea and milk!

1/3 cup of pumpkin puree
-2 cups water
-2 tsp. vanilla
-2 tsp. ground cinnamon
-1 tsp. ground nutmeg
-1/4 tsp. ground cloves
-1/4 tsp. ginger
-1 1/4 cup maple syrup or maple sugar


  • Combine the water and maple syrup in a medium saucepan and heat over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally.  Whisk in the remaining spices and the pumpkin puree.  Continue to cook for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently, without letting the mixture come to a boil.  Remove from the heat and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes.  Strain the syrup through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth and store in your container of choice.   Store in the refrigerator up to three weeks.


Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio: How To Prepare What To Expect

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Oct 24, 2013

Mercury went retrograde in Scorpio on October 21st 2013…

Welcome this retrograde as an opportunity to cleanse the mental realms and let go of the mental clutter and baggage.

Know that it’s a time to clear the decks so we can access, check in, feel in and hone in what is resonating with us.

Try to strip away other influences, so you can get a clear picture of what feels right for you.

Then use your Mercurial thinking gifts to organize what you need to do next to move toward your dreams.

Here are the Astral Insights for this period and what we can expect.

From the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:

“Like a snake shedding its skin, this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio provides us the prime opportunity to shed our perceptions, thinking and limitations within the mind.

“During the Mercury retrograde phase of about 3 weeks, it is a time to empty out the excess, extremes and floating debris within the mental energy body, mind and thought process.

“Reading so much information, half of it or more people never use! Can you imagine what you are storing and how that slows down your processing and having clarity of thought?

“This is a time where we can examine which perception, thought, idea, concept and information is empoweringand helpful and which one will take us into the depths of fear and even terror. So consider this precious phase where we will shed outworn thoughts, stuck thinking and fixations within the mind. 

“The usual comes up, delays in communication, snags or snafus in appointments. Be prepared and allow for plenty of time in between appointments, travel plans and so forth.

“Back up important computer files, triple check important documents before signing. This is not the best time to initiate new ideas, projects or plans. Wait and be patient.

Mercury retrograde is not the cause…. of anything. As I’ve often mentioned and I will do so again, Planets in astrology and planetary cycles do not cause anything. They symbolize the phase of development within Consciousness. Providing the symbolic language and understanding for one to move through.

“When you use the correct language and description, you set new energies in motion. If you keep talking about things in a way that is limiting and negative, so too will be  things manifesting in the mind and life. You are encouraged to talk about and think about this phase with a sense of curiosity and interest.

It is a necessary phase for the downtime of the mental energy to rejuvenate.

“Mercury retrograde in Scorpio reminds each to practice letting go and forgiveness. Instead of holding onto knots of lack of forgiveness which become toxic, let go.

Allow healing to take place through shifting perceptionand forgiveness of an open heart so you can free yourself of mental knots of anxiety and toxins. The higher level of Scorpio is the Eagle and through a highly trained and sharp Soul-level vision… one chooses to let go, heal and transform…”

 ”Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio making a fabulously delicious ‘Trine’ aspect to Jupiter in Cancer. This suggests harmony, grace and expanded flow of intuitive insights. Communications carry the vibe of optimistic, benevolence and possible joy...”

“Use the three weeks of the Mercury Retrograde phase toreawaken, restore, reflect, review, redo and so forth, all the “re” activities under a Mercury Retrograde is the way to go.There may be many insights that manifest.”

“Mercury in Scorpio’s symbolic gifts is renewal and metamorphosis within the mental energy and mind. We can let go of the excess and extremes and feel lighter and a sense of being reborn.

“Clarity of thought, new inspired ideas and heightened intuition may happen as a result of clearing away and healing under the retrograde phase.

via mystic mama

How To Be A Palm Reader 101

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Oct 21, 2013

Palm reading is the esoteric practice of using the lines on someone's hands in order to predict their personality and elements of their future. This is a paid service with a long tradition and one that many people have an interest in. Here we will look at some of the basics of palm reading as well as whether or not there is any chance of the predictions produced being accurate.

Is Palm Reading Real?

Palm reading has been around for centuries and so developed before we had a full understanding of our biology or the way our personalities are created. However more modern findings have in some cases provided some potential support for practices such as palm reading that look for a link between physical characteristics and personality traits. For instance it has been shown in some studies that the difference in length between our index finger and our middle finger can in some cases be indicative of higher or lower testosterone, and other studies have demonstrated such findings that suggest individuals with blue eyes and blonde hair may be less assertive than those with darker colorings. 



To get started take a look at your right hand. The details of palm reading differ from source to source, and while some sites say that the right hand represents destiny while the left represents your present, others will work exclusively with the right hand. For the sake of this article we will be doing the latter. So look at your right hand, or a friend's right hand and then try to identify the following lines.

The Life Line

The life line begins just above your thumb on the right edge of your hand and then curves downward to roughly the center of your palm. This line represents your life and how you will live it, so a good life line is one that's nice and long and thus denotes a full and healthy life. Lines crossing all the easy through the life line meanwhile are more about bumpy rides. Possible health issue's or less then fun life lessons. ( remember this is fun / don't take any of it to serious )

The Head Line

This is the line directly above your life line, and the one that runs roughly parallel to it and that may start in the same point. Your head line meanwhile is the line that is believed to represent your mind and the way you think and this also correlates with IQ. The longer your head line, the more intelligent you are believed to be. Meanwhile if your head line is curved then this indicates creativity and suggests you are also highly creative.

Where the head line intercepts with other lines this suggests that they are ruled by your head and by 'logic'. So for instance if your head and life line start at the same point then this suggests that you lead a more structured and less impulsive/adventurous life.

The Heart Line

Your heart line begins on the left side of your right hand and runs horizontally under your fingers. The heart line is of course indicative of your passions and romance. A deep line suggests a highly passionate and romantic life, whereas a light one is associated with less fiery passions. It is also said that if your heart line ends under your ring finger that your will be happily married. As with your life line, crosses straight through your heart line reflect trauma – each one is a heart break. And if your heart line runs parallel to your head line then this means someone whose heart is ruled by their head.


A Supernatural Shopping Trip With Carrie White

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Oct 04, 2013

I’m so excited for the remake of Carrie! I grew up watching the original when I was young and it scared the crap out of me! Not to mention that I love Chloe Grace Moretz so much. I think her and Julianne Moore are going to do the movie more then justice.

This movie got me thinking just how badass shopping with Carrie would be. She's got some style and her telekinetic powers would make for an amazing shopping experience. I wish I could take her on my next shopping spree to avoid all the drama and hassle! Can you imagine how fabulous this would be?

Here are 10 reasons shopping with Carrie would be the most amazing shopping experience ever:

1. Instead of trying on every dress, we can spin them up in the air and get a 360-view to see if they’re worth trying on

2.  If you need another size while you are in the fitting room, she can float up over the top and grab you the size you need. Rather than having to get dressed just to grab the next size up.


3. Clean up and putting all the clothing back on the hangers would be a breeze

4. If you picked up too many garments and weren't able to carry them all, she could just float along side of you while you continue shopping. Hands free!

5. Virtual fitting in front of a mirror! You could see all your options in front of you to see what colors look best with your hair.

6. She could size and color coordinate the racks instantly for an easier shopping experience.

7. Carrie could easily grab something in your size from the top shelf that you simply can't reach

8. If the mannequin is wearing the last size of a dress you want, she can quickly swap it out with a different one without anyone noticing

9. Carrie can virtually show you what accessories would look like by holding them up to everyone outfit you try on

10. When you get home from shopping, Carrie can quickly unpack everything and organize your new clothes


Would you guys want to go shopping with Carrie? How could her powers make your shopping experience the best ever?

Don't forget to go see Carrie in theaters on October 18th! 



How To Prepare For The New Moon Tonight

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Oct 04, 2013

The Libra New Moon on October 4 is a potent New Moon.  In fact, this could be the most powerful New Moon in 2013. It is a grand square New Moon. That is four squares and two oppositions…” “The Libra New Moon is building you toward the intense Pluto/Uranus square on Nov 1. This is the fourth exact aspect in a series of seven.. through March of 2015. “…These potent energies are changing you to the core of your being. You are being awakened to your soul desires.


  • Are you ready for a fresh start?
  • Are you ready to break through the false limitations?
  • Are you ready to move from fear to freedom?

“Relationship issues are front and center at the New Moon…Uranus is bringing to your attention certain aspects in your relationships that you may have not considered…”“Release and let go of what is not working and/or serving you…


  • What is changing for you?
  • What do you want in your relationship?
  • What do you want in your work?

“Uranus is awakening your real emotional wants and needs. This is a wake-up call. This is about sweeping your life clean. Belief systems can crumble, routines and relationships may breakdown. Structures that you have built up are challenged. “Things that you may have thought were reliable and dependable end. For a cycle you may feel adrift, in transition. Then new doors open and new chapters begin.  You are ushered into a new phase of life. “Ultimately, the changes and/or losses place you squarely on a new path that you are supposed to be traveling. Your eyes open to the beauty of all that is you. “Pluto squares (challenges) the Libra New Moon… Pluto is testing you forcing you to make radical changes in your life. Shift out of old patterns of behavior that are not serving you. “Create the space for positive creative change to enter your life. What is not working Pluto will breakdown… You are to breakthrough into a new and better life. “…Transformation occurs as you release situations and relationships that no longer serve your life purpose. “Become who you truly are, rather than who you think you are supposed to be. This is the true meaning of transformation… “Do what empowers you. Be the change agent for your life.


  • What is breaking down?
  • Where do you need a breakthrough?


“Pluto can create confrontations with other people. This can be beneficial if you are using it to clear the air. Know where you stand…” “Remember that the truth works. If something is not true it will not work for you. What is your truth? If you find yourself in a power struggle, the best thing to do is be honest about how you feel. Try to create a win/win and/or a compromise in the relationship or situation.  Seek out what is fair, just and balanced…” “The divine lovers Venus and Mars are squaring (testing) each other. Venus and Mars are also semi-squaring (irritation) the Libra New Moon. Venus and Mars are bringing up your relationship issues and concerns. Love/hate relationships, sexual passion and intense attractions could occur… …The Libra New Moon message is to be the change agent for your life. It is far better to be the agent of change than to have Pluto and Uranus force change upon you. The winds of change are blowing. These are intense times. Resistance creates struggle. Instead, pivot into a new direction. “Be proactive. Be flexible, move with the energy. You are building towards the exact Pluto/Uranus square on November 1. You want to navigate the breakdowns, the highs and lows of this potent energy. Move forward. “You are doing the best you can. It is okay not to be perfect. It is good to be human. You are hero for being willing to go through such massive growth and change. Love is all around you. The Angels applaud you every step of the way home….”

via mystic mama

Demi Lovato Goes Katy Perry Blue

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Oct 04, 2013

Demi Lovato Goes Katy Perry Blue... LOVE IT or LEAVE IT?

Kesha Goes Rainbow: GOOD Or BAD Idea?

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Sep 26, 2013

Kesha stepped out rocking some rainbow hair yesterday... We all know im overly fond of unicorn hair. Although hers looks a like like our babe Chloe Norgaards.


Wednesday Zen

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Sep 25, 2013

Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one conciously seperates the past from the future... A day in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.

My Vegan / Gluten Free / Sugar Free AMAZING Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Sep 24, 2013

I made my signature Fall pumpkin pie last night and posted a photo on instagram and the amount of comments for the recipie was crazy! I actually posted this last year but im re-posting for all my new followers. 

This pie takes 10 minutes, is so tasty and healthy you feel good after eating dessert! Crazy I know. Mine from last night is already mostly gone!



1 1/2 cups pumpkin puree
2/3 cup maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon ground allspice
2 teaspoons arrowroot powder
1/2 cup creamy thick coconut milk

Pre-baked pie crust of choice & shredded coconut

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

2. PIE: In a food processor or mixing very good by hand, combine the pumpkin puree, maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, arrowroot, and coconut milk cream, in batches if necessary. Process until the mixture is well combined and smooth. Pour into the prebaked pie crust, sprinkle the top with shredded coconut and nutmeg then bake for 30 minutes, or until the filling has firmed up. Let cool.


Coup De Main Magazine Interview

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Sep 23, 2013



"I read so many energy, astrology, zodiac and healing sites daily. I'm always trying to pass on some of the knowledge as a morning boost or positive reminder to people."

COUP DE MAIN: Firstly, you seem like you’ve got multi-tasking down to a tee! Unless you’ve cloned yourself and we’re completely unaware… Gurrrl, please tell us how you fit designing, styling, blogging and modeling all into one day?! 
AUDREY KITCHING: Funny you say that, I have been having mini melt-downs when I think about my schedule for the next half of the year. I'm almost booked until end of February (2014)! A good and overwhelming feeling. I wake up everyday by 8AM at the latest and I work seven days a week and have some employees... Now when I say I work seven days a week, it means I’m at least doing a few hours of work each day. I love what I do though, I’m so lucky to be able to be creative for a living, I thrive on it! I think the most important thing is to be organised and take each task one at a time, otherwise you turn into full meltdown mode!

CDM: Where did the inspiration come from to start ‘Crystal Cactus’? 
AUDREY: I am really into holistic healing, I'm trained in Reiki, nutritional response test and Ayurveda. It’s more of a lifestyle then just something you're into. I started collecting and wearing crystal jewellery a few years ago, fusing the fashion and holistic world together seemed like the perfect thing to do! It’s kind of my own personal yin & yang. A lot of new age shops are kind of tacky and cheeky, I wanted to show that this type of lifestyle can be chic and classy, if done right.

CDM: How did you choose the name ‘Crystal Cactus’? 
AUDREY: It first started out with making these amazing cactus gardens in vintage tea cups filled with crystals instead of stones... After I realised the hard way they didn’t ship very well, I decided to stick to jewellery!

CDM: Do you have a favourite piece from your collection? Why does it stand out to you among the other pieces? 
AUDREY: I recently made these super thick neon braided silk gold chained necklaces with three inch chunky crystal quartz hanging on them! I’m really into the statement pieces where you can basically wear a grey t-shirt but still look awesome because you have a killer necklace on... It’s more casual real-life style.

CDM: I’ve followed a few of your tweets and Facebook posts, you’re definitely into seizing the day, can you please list five phrases or statements that you live your life by…
AUDREY: Yes! I read so many energy, astrology, zodiac and healing sites daily. I'm always trying to pass on some of the knowledge as a morning boost or positive reminder to people.
#1. What you think about, you bring about.
#2. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.
#3. If we don’t change we don’t grow, if we don’t grow we aren’t really living.
#4. Nothing will ever go away until it teaches us what we need to know.
#5. Understand that your soul is not bounced by this earth's human existence.


CDM: I’m sure you’re a role-model to girls all over the world, but who do you personally look up to as a role-model?
AUDREY: I think I admire everyday people for their efforts! My Mom is an amazing recycler - she never ever uses a bag that’s disposable - my neighbour volunteers and spends all her free time at animal shelters helping them stay alive and get adopted, people in my city who stand in the cold once a week to feed the less fortunate... I feel like those are role-models that we all know and see on daily basis! If everyone tried to be a bit more like them the world would be a much better place overnight!



CDM: When you were younger, would you have rather skateboarded or played with your barbies and unicorns? 
AUDREY: A little of both! I had TONS of barbies but I would always cut their hair and cut up their clothing. I gave them some serious makeovers, but I also grew up with three older brothers who all skateboarded. By age seventeen I was basically living in a skatepark.

CDM: Watch 'Breaking Bad' or 'Breakfast At Tiffany’s'? 
AUDREY: UGH hard one.. but 'BREAKING BAD'! Come on, it’s genius on so many levels and I kind of love Aaron Paul / Jessie Pinkman.

CDM: Drink coffee or tea? 
AUDREY: Tea five times a day, everyday.

CDM: Eat a [vegan] donut or [vegan] cake? 
AUDREY: I think vegan donut… or maybe vegan carrot cake! Can I have both?!

CDM: A friendship-crush is someone that you have no romantic interest in whatsoever, but just really wish that you were best friends with them. Who would be your top five friendship-crushes, living or dead? 
AUDREY: I love this question! Elvis, Andrew Zimmerman, Mary Kate Olsen, Madonna circa 'Truth Or Dare' and Sena the race car driver from Brazil! Eclectic list, I know.

CDM: What are your five favourite things in the whole wide world and why?
#1. Bubble baths: The best way to relax after a long day.
#2. Pets: I love my dog and cat more then most humans.
#3. Netflix: Instant movies and TV that you get to choose without commercials… brilliant.
#4. Tacos: I think I was Mexican in my past life.
#5. The Internet: We wouldn’t be talking now if it wasn’t for it, changing everyone's lives on the daily.

CDM: What do you feel is your spirit animal? 
AUDREY: A FLAMINGO! I swear it really is I have been collecting them as a child!

CDM: What’s left on your bucket-list that you’d really like to achieve? 
AUDREY: I haven’t gotten to travel as much as I would like... India, Japan, Thailand are all MUSTS!

 photos: liz besanson



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