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Audrey Kitching Jun 23, 2009

It was so hard for me to choose winners for this contest -- you all posted such awesome quotes and so many of my favorites! I wish I could take you all :(

Here are the winners who get to atend the screening of Harmony & Me this coming Friday evening at 7:15 pm in Westwood, CA with me.









If your Buzznet name is on this list, you are the lucky winner of 2 tickets for the movie with me. 

Winners must respond to with your name, email and phone number by tomorrow (Wed. at 3pm PT) to claim your tickets. 

Can't wait to see you all there!!




Kittens, sequins and sparkle water.

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 22, 2009

Today started with running out of soy milk and all my finger nail polish being chipped. Jesika and me had a lunch date to talk about the event July 8th. Her friend Victoria came along and happened to have a fluffy grey girl kitten who needed a home. I had no plans of getting a kitten today but after seeing a photo I could not say no! We finished our sushi and on way to the car we walked past a sample store. They had these sequin pants with black zippers and I almost died. I tried them on and everyone told me I had to buy them. It took me 45 min to decide to buy or not to buy...I bought. I am having buyers remorse but they are one of a kinda and so amazing. I will be glad I got them. Met up with Panda and headed to get the kitty!

I think this photo is actually her brother..but you get the point. So damn cute. We have not named her yet. Her brothers name is Earl, like the tea earl grey. She is chewing on my sequin shoe right now and keeps falling asleep.

Tomorrow I am going to the Wizards Of Wavery Place fashion event. I dont know what it is. Disney stars fascinate me. I think it is because they have this cookie image but we all know its not who they are. They just have to keep it toned down for work? She's a dancer who doesn't dance and her friend is a painter who doesn't paint. It's kind of a Boho version of the Island of the Lost Toys.

I believe, that certain people in life are meant to fall by the wayside; to serve as warnings to the rest of us, signs posts along the way.

I am off to play with my little kittie!

Whats a good name for her?

Love and Glitter,

Somehow I believe in the magical sense of things..

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 21, 2009

I woke up this morning and started the day with a brunch date. I met up with Jessica louise and Gary baseman. We ended up talking about relationships and girls who use guys. Gary gave me a pin of a character he draws. It looks perfect on my new leather vest! I ended up getting the vegan wrap with fried quina. I ate most of it..I was not feeling the best. Later in the day I went to Pasadena and saw the New Woodie Allen movie. It was not what I expected by really good. Evan Rachel Wood's character was so annoying but she played it so well. Made me miss New York City a lot. I plan on moving back there in the near future. After the movie let out checked out a bookstore where I picked up a book on 60's pop culture. I plan on reading it tonight. I got some sushi for dinner and then went to the Pig for a game of pool and bottomless tea. I just got home and im exhausted. It was a nice lazy Sunday. Thats what they are for right?

Me Charles and Roxx at the Disney concert. Charles is my paparazzi friend who always chases me down the street yelling its Aud!

Get the Look for the Team Audrey shirt..I think there is only 4 left. My new shirt is comming out July 1st. Everyone always tells me to bring back the Iron Maiden shirt...lets say this one is Iron Maiden meets Barbie! I think you will love it.

I forget I have pink hair I guess because I see myself as a tough little tomboy.

Tomorrow I am meeting with Jesika to go over details for the event next month and catch up on girl talk. Thursday Cassie is in town and were shooting a bunch of new Items. Friday I am stopping by Warped tour for the day and that night is L.A Film Fest! I love movies and film. I spend so much of my free time watching them.

I want to reach out to people and express myself. You have to put up with the risk of being misunderstood if you are going to try and communicate. You have to put up with the people projecting there own ideas, attitudes to misunderstanding you. But it is worth being a public fool if that's all you can be in order to communicate.

Yesterday a homeless man asked for one of my tacos. I said of course but I must warn you its vegitarian. He said nevermind that wont due and walked away..I guess he can have his cake and eat it too. I always have wild stories of homeless people from growing up in you have any funny stories of them?

My eye lids are closing.

Love and Glitter,


Glitter, a bruise and a missing shoe.

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 21, 2009

Anna came over for veggie tacos the other night and she has this amazing green glitter eyeshadow on. Ever since then I have been on glitter kick wearing it covering my whole eyelids. It starts to blind me and fall into my eyes..I feel like I should only wear the glitter every other day so my eyes are not watering at all times! hah! Today started with french pancakes with lemon squeezed on them. I stoped by the dr. for a massage and acupuncture. I started to have really crazy thoughts during it and got new ideas for clothing and shoots! I guess its safe to say it helps? I got contacted by Russian media to do a bunch of big magazine editorials over there. So exiciting..I already started making outfits today. Lets just say one of them is a blue Madonna cone bra covered in jewels.

The thick black eyelashes and glitter it is all part of the show.

Right now I am cutting up a blue Doors shirt alll fringe style. I have done it to a few old tshirts I never wear and now I love them. Its a whole new look for a boring tshirt.

This is an example of a new one I am trying.

Tomorrow I am meeting Jessica Louise for brunch and manufactering. Later in the day I am meeting about a film project. This week has been filled with cherrys, sequins, polaroids, body suits, popcorn, Lavendar daisy', Calm tea, Feather clothing and grilled bannana's.

I put together a get the look with my band tshirt.

These are all items you can get at high end stores as well as super affordable. I think right now even if you like labels it is imporant to mix in cheaper and vintage pieces.

For my birthday I want these chessburger cupcakes so bad! I want Ace of Cakes to make me them..that damn show is so addicting. We came to the conclusion I was either French or Mexican in my past life because I try to speak both of the langues which I can't and I always want to eat the French and Mexican food. i was probably on acid chasing some hippie band around the country.

Get a mind of your own man.The difference is I don't want a pitty party..never have never will!

Don't forget to enter my L.A Film Fest contest in the journal entry before this. That day is going to be killer. I am stopping by warped tour early in the day then meeting you guys at the screening that night.

Time for my nightly date with Pee Wee's playhouse and my tea pot.

p.s I would die for cherry pie right now. All i want it cherry pie and a chick flick.

Pie or cake?

Love and Glitter,

Old soul with bugs in my nose.

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 17, 2009

Im trying so hard to make a video blog im going to scream! I am an old soul. Old soul with bugs in my nose. Believe it or not i know nothing about the internet or technology. That stuff is so hard for me. My energy does not like electronics. They always break around me or don't work. My ind will not comprehend them. I am trying to load it now. I made two different ones and they both deleted. Then the last one I made is super awkward cause people are walking by my window staring at me and all I can think to say is great and fabulous. Its kinda amazing I hope I can upload it. Today I did lots of laundry and got new bath salts that smell sooooo good. Im getting ready to go to the Billabong Humanity event tonight. I need to be there in about two hours. My clothes are still typical. Here are photos from when me and Nhat went to Royal T for food last week. This place is way cool..if your in California you need to check it out.

They have this life size ipod you can go inside and it plays music ...I need one in my room.

Someone sent me this painting and I love talented.

At the end of Summer me and Nhat are going to put out a book kinda like a dairy. It will have all my personal photos, letters and diary pages in it. Kinda like the book Courtney Love did. That kind of inspiration. We have been working on it for a few months it is going to be really cool when we are finished with it! I keep listening to French music ..I have no idea what they are singing about but I like how it sounds!

I am going yo make a cherry smoothie before I have to go to the event tonight. I will post photos tomorrow from the Vh1 and Billabong partys. My nose is so congested I my voice sounds funny.

Does the book im working on sound like something you would read? Its more for the art and sake of doing it but if people would actually read it and enjoy it makes the project even better!

Love and Glitter,

Backtage as the Stylist.

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 16, 2009

Sorry for no update yesterday. For those of you who follow me on twitter know i had 102 fever. I got crazy sick out of nowhere! I tried to blog but i kept passing out haha. Its the effort that counts! I tried every crazy remedy I could find to get rid of my flu since today I had a big styling video job with the new Disney band KSM. I even put apple cider vinager on washclothes all over my body.. and I think thats the one that worked. I woke up today with a normal temperature. I was really stoked. My throat is still bad but I guess I cant have my cake and eat it too...Im not even able to eat cake :(

I made my self eat some rice cerial and drink some tea so I could get ready and head downtown to style and hang out with KSM. They are going on tour with Demi Lovato this summer. My manager got here super late cause of car trouble. I didnt get the the style warehouse till an hour later...I was really embarassed, but everyone was really cool about it! We took some before photos and I talked with each girl to find out there personal style. I think it is all about personality. If you are not confident and feel comfortable in clothing it will NOT look good. Fashion is all how you carry yourself. It is really important to have an individual style. You can emulate people, but you must stay true to yourself. Some of the girls loved heels and skirts, while others were more of the flats and jeans type. They also filmed it for there Disney behind the scenes webisodes!

I have been wearing this skirt way too much.. Im sick and havent had time to do laundry leave me alone! haha

Have to tuck and hide!

These are the before and after photos!

We were talking about phones. I asked her If i should get an iphone..she told me no and that she wants her sidekick back.

Tonight was the Flaunt Magazine party but it canceled. I think im going to grocery shop and stay in and watch some dvds and recover some more from the the horrible germ who ruined my life for past few days. Tomorrow night is the Billabong charity event and the VH1 save music event..i got some riduclous outfits , don't worry worst dressed list I wont let you down!

They all had cute style to begin with and we had like 45 min haha. I wish we had more time that kinda sucks....what do you think of my stylist skills. Do you like before or after better? Keep in mind it has to do with there own personal style as well! Im intrested to see what you guys think??

Oh and Band Of Horses is my favorite band right them! check them out if you are not familiar with them.

Love and Glitter,

Ive got some real estate here in my bag.

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 14, 2009

The song America by Simon and Garfunkel reminds me of Almost Famous. Such a good song and movie. This weekend has been really strange. Today I woke up late and stayed in bed and listened to music for a while. Eventually I went to eat Indian food. I got really sad today. I miss all my real friends in Philly. They are the best people anyone could evr ask for. They have stood by my side for years. My best friend had her graduation party today and I wanted to be there more then anything. They made a minature version of me out of cotton I was there in sugar and spirit haha! I need to get away for a while. This summer im going take a week or so off and leave my phone and go up north camping in middle of nowhere. Me and my friend have been planning this for two years. No phones, No money, no cars, no electronics,  I think it is going to be most amazing vacation I could ever want. Just us and a tent.

This photo is from the last time I was in Philly. We snuck into thr Hilton and all went swimming. It lasted about an hour until we got kicked out.

Photo from the Nylon Magazine party.

I started getting a sore throat a few hours ago..that escalated into a fever. I found a remedy online. It said mix orange spice tea, hot apple cider vinegar, honey and cayenne pepper. I made it and drank it, it actually helped a lot. Im hoping I wake up feeling better in the morning. I have things I want to do and no cold is going to stop me!

I made another worst dressed list..A lot of you guys went on there and stuck up for me! You guys are my best friends. Nevermind me they put Vivian Westwood on there. How is that even politically correct??

I want these shoes so bad! They are by far coolest I have ever seen. Who ever designed them is a superstar.

Speaking of shoes I am looking through the Irregular Choice lookbook right now. There going to send me some from this season. They have some pretty crazy styles. There a shoe company who is not scared to take a risk and I like that.

I will leave you with this photo.

Have you ever gone camping? Or would you?

Love and Glitter,

Milk and cookies.

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 13, 2009

Today I went out for lunch at a vegan resturant in Silverlake...It was the worst food ever! A pile of chips that were soggy and covered in beans..I just wannted nachos! It was not a good start to the day by any means. Then the waitress charged us on someone else's bill. Never again! After the worst meal ever we headed to the Tshirt launch at Ron Herman/ Fred Segal. My friend Ian designed a music tshirts with a play list on the back. When you buy the shirt you get to download all the songs for free. It is a really cool idea, Im proud of him. I saw Sonny has been ages. Last time I saw him he was at my house and broke my bed and my chopsticks..

This is a behind the scenes shot from the BAM dress shoot.

 These are from Felix photo Look Book L.A. The Wizard Of Oz event.

After the tshirt launch we went to my friends BBQ. They had mostly meat and "veggie" spring rolls. I bit into one and there was shrimp in it..ew I almost got sick..not cool. After that i decided to head home. I met up with my friend Charles tonight. He is a paparazzi so he was giving me all the storys of everyone he shot this week. It is such a strange job to have.

I love this photo is is from Korea Vogue Girl. The best magazine ever but I can never find it anywhere! Tonight is the Vice magazine party. Vice was the first magazine I was ever in and it was on a worst dressed list when I was 18...Not many thing have changed.

I am still trying to decide if I want to go or just stay home take a relaxing bubble bath, make tea and watch a movie. Tomorrow is my day off I have nothing planned other then grocery shopping! 

So often we dwell on the things that seem impossible rather than on the things that are possible. So often we are depressed by what remains to be done and forget to be thankful for all that has been done.

Relaxing night or Magazine party?

Love and Glitter,

After Hours Majenty.

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 12, 2009

I could not get out of bed today! I wanted to sleep on so bad. I made myself get up and make some gluten free waffles. After I attempted to get dressed me and Roxxy headed downtown to Chic Little Devil to pic up some new event outfits and Westwood yellow heart pumps. Traffic was so bad and it was raining. Took an hour longer then usual. Stoped by M Cafe to get some kale and chickpea salad. So tasty. Steve my friend from New York City met us at my place where we all headed to the hotel.

The puppy likes to bite me. We have a love hate relationship.

These shoes at the style warehouse are the coolest ever! They are Dolce & Gabbana and if you push the sequins up the are silver..and if you push them down the shoes turn red! It is like owning two pairs in one.

I want to get a new lense for my camera so bad. That is going to be my new investment. I also want to get some film camera. I love the disposable ones you can uy at CVS for 7$..surprisingly they take some cool wasted out photos.

Its so strange to me. Everyone asks me for advice on being a model. To be honest I don't even want to be a model and I don't think I am? I just get ideas and want to create them through film. I make clothing and sets and take photos in them. I consider it more art. I don't do it for money or anything other then creating something amazing at the end of the day. I think if you are have passion for something it will shine through. My advice to anyone who wants to be a model..or anything else is just to work heard, stay on track and be true to yourself. You have to enjoy the ride. That is the whole point. I never want to be able to say I made it, I am at the top..cause where do you go from there? I want to always be moving, never be still.

Im going on a Pho date. My favorite kind of soup ever. Los Angeles why are you so cold...It is JUNE! This is crazy.

I want to get a kitten..I know I have been saying this forever but I am serious now! Are they a lot of work??? Or hard to take care of??

My old room mate had a cat. I loved him but she was a crazy pill popper junkie so they got the boot.

Do you like the daily blogs about my life? Or not so much?

Love and Glitter,

I will be in the real world if you need me.

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 11, 2009

Some people are so consumed with superficial and materialistic things. They come home and instead of saying something along the lines of " hello, how was your day?" they will go right to there electronics. I could never live like that...I feel a very big shift in energy happening and i like it. Im so exhausted of electronics, electric energy waves, genetically engineered food, selfishness. I am just fed up with it. It makes me want to pull and Into The Wild and just leave. My best friend is on the east coast and she is the only one who thinks like this. Others are all so manipulated by there own possessions. Were crossing over into the fith dimension. On a more positive note haha...

Today Dirk and Julia picked me up around 10am and we headed down to BOX8 for the Cliche Magazine shoot. The band Hey Monday was there shooting first while I got my makeup done and styled. Julia did my makeup she is so creative..we went for a new age Bowie look. Marybeth styled me in the coolest Japan inspired outfits.

I wore all these insane earings. One pair was like lilly pads and the other was lime green leopard print jewl hoops. intense I know. The company is called she's vexed.  I haven't done the interview yet. This week I am. Im so lucky to have the coolest people in my life. Makes work so much more fun.

Tonight I went out for sushi and they handed me my rolls and it looked like someone walked on them. I never send food back but I had too. Thirty minutes later I finally got my sushi rolls. Now im about to spackle all this beautiful makeup off my face and watch some movies. Tomorrow I am going to the style warhouse and shooting with my friend Steve from New York City!

Have you ever sent food back in a resturant?

Love and Glitter,

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