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My Vegan / Gluten Free / Sugar Free AMAZING Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Sep 24, 2013

I made my signature Fall pumpkin pie last night and posted a photo on instagram and the amount of comments for the recipie was crazy! I actually posted this last year but im re-posting for all my new followers. 

This pie takes 10 minutes, is so tasty and healthy you feel good after eating dessert! Crazy I know. Mine from last night is already mostly gone!



1 1/2 cups pumpkin puree
2/3 cup maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon ground allspice
2 teaspoons arrowroot powder
1/2 cup creamy thick coconut milk

Pre-baked pie crust of choice & shredded coconut

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

2. PIE: In a food processor or mixing very good by hand, combine the pumpkin puree, maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, arrowroot, and coconut milk cream, in batches if necessary. Process until the mixture is well combined and smooth. Pour into the prebaked pie crust, sprinkle the top with shredded coconut and nutmeg then bake for 30 minutes, or until the filling has firmed up. Let cool.


Coup De Main Magazine Interview

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Sep 23, 2013



"I read so many energy, astrology, zodiac and healing sites daily. I'm always trying to pass on some of the knowledge as a morning boost or positive reminder to people."

COUP DE MAIN: Firstly, you seem like you’ve got multi-tasking down to a tee! Unless you’ve cloned yourself and we’re completely unaware… Gurrrl, please tell us how you fit designing, styling, blogging and modeling all into one day?! 
AUDREY KITCHING: Funny you say that, I have been having mini melt-downs when I think about my schedule for the next half of the year. I'm almost booked until end of February (2014)! A good and overwhelming feeling. I wake up everyday by 8AM at the latest and I work seven days a week and have some employees... Now when I say I work seven days a week, it means I’m at least doing a few hours of work each day. I love what I do though, I’m so lucky to be able to be creative for a living, I thrive on it! I think the most important thing is to be organised and take each task one at a time, otherwise you turn into full meltdown mode!

CDM: Where did the inspiration come from to start ‘Crystal Cactus’? 
AUDREY: I am really into holistic healing, I'm trained in Reiki, nutritional response test and Ayurveda. It’s more of a lifestyle then just something you're into. I started collecting and wearing crystal jewellery a few years ago, fusing the fashion and holistic world together seemed like the perfect thing to do! It’s kind of my own personal yin & yang. A lot of new age shops are kind of tacky and cheeky, I wanted to show that this type of lifestyle can be chic and classy, if done right.

CDM: How did you choose the name ‘Crystal Cactus’? 
AUDREY: It first started out with making these amazing cactus gardens in vintage tea cups filled with crystals instead of stones... After I realised the hard way they didn’t ship very well, I decided to stick to jewellery!

CDM: Do you have a favourite piece from your collection? Why does it stand out to you among the other pieces? 
AUDREY: I recently made these super thick neon braided silk gold chained necklaces with three inch chunky crystal quartz hanging on them! I’m really into the statement pieces where you can basically wear a grey t-shirt but still look awesome because you have a killer necklace on... It’s more casual real-life style.

CDM: I’ve followed a few of your tweets and Facebook posts, you’re definitely into seizing the day, can you please list five phrases or statements that you live your life by…
AUDREY: Yes! I read so many energy, astrology, zodiac and healing sites daily. I'm always trying to pass on some of the knowledge as a morning boost or positive reminder to people.
#1. What you think about, you bring about.
#2. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.
#3. If we don’t change we don’t grow, if we don’t grow we aren’t really living.
#4. Nothing will ever go away until it teaches us what we need to know.
#5. Understand that your soul is not bounced by this earth's human existence.


CDM: I’m sure you’re a role-model to girls all over the world, but who do you personally look up to as a role-model?
AUDREY: I think I admire everyday people for their efforts! My Mom is an amazing recycler - she never ever uses a bag that’s disposable - my neighbour volunteers and spends all her free time at animal shelters helping them stay alive and get adopted, people in my city who stand in the cold once a week to feed the less fortunate... I feel like those are role-models that we all know and see on daily basis! If everyone tried to be a bit more like them the world would be a much better place overnight!



CDM: When you were younger, would you have rather skateboarded or played with your barbies and unicorns? 
AUDREY: A little of both! I had TONS of barbies but I would always cut their hair and cut up their clothing. I gave them some serious makeovers, but I also grew up with three older brothers who all skateboarded. By age seventeen I was basically living in a skatepark.

CDM: Watch 'Breaking Bad' or 'Breakfast At Tiffany’s'? 
AUDREY: UGH hard one.. but 'BREAKING BAD'! Come on, it’s genius on so many levels and I kind of love Aaron Paul / Jessie Pinkman.

CDM: Drink coffee or tea? 
AUDREY: Tea five times a day, everyday.

CDM: Eat a [vegan] donut or [vegan] cake? 
AUDREY: I think vegan donut… or maybe vegan carrot cake! Can I have both?!

CDM: A friendship-crush is someone that you have no romantic interest in whatsoever, but just really wish that you were best friends with them. Who would be your top five friendship-crushes, living or dead? 
AUDREY: I love this question! Elvis, Andrew Zimmerman, Mary Kate Olsen, Madonna circa 'Truth Or Dare' and Sena the race car driver from Brazil! Eclectic list, I know.

CDM: What are your five favourite things in the whole wide world and why?
#1. Bubble baths: The best way to relax after a long day.
#2. Pets: I love my dog and cat more then most humans.
#3. Netflix: Instant movies and TV that you get to choose without commercials… brilliant.
#4. Tacos: I think I was Mexican in my past life.
#5. The Internet: We wouldn’t be talking now if it wasn’t for it, changing everyone's lives on the daily.

CDM: What do you feel is your spirit animal? 
AUDREY: A FLAMINGO! I swear it really is I have been collecting them as a child!

CDM: What’s left on your bucket-list that you’d really like to achieve? 
AUDREY: I haven’t gotten to travel as much as I would like... India, Japan, Thailand are all MUSTS!

 photos: liz besanson



Harvest Full Moon Tonight & How To Prepare

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Sep 19, 2013

I love full moons, they are full of healing power and detoxing that make us stronger and wiser in the end! The Fall equinox aka the Harvest Full Moon is one of my favorites. Here is what o expect and how to prepare!

Full Moon in Pisces: healing, sharing intimacy with all of humanity, seeing beyond the surface of things, symbolic language and imagery, fantasy and escape, addiction, lost souls, the vast unknown, loss of Self, sacrifice or devotion, unconditional love.

This Full Moon illuminates: the depth of meaning in relationships and events; the wider mystery of why we're here; how we're merged as humans; the power of the collective heart impulse; divinely inspired creative ideas, chances to be a comfort in a dark time; vivid dreams of other realms and lives.

It's a Good Time to: feast on spiritual nourishment; start volunteering with children, animals, the elderly and vulnerable; get lost in your own imagination!; keep the schedule clear for daydreaming; take a long healing soak, or swim in the ocean; spend time past the monkey mind (in meditation or a walk in nature); go to the theatre or the cinema; see yourself as an infinite being; speak from the heart; let yourself feel deeply; be with those you love.

Acclaim Magazine Interview: Tattoo's, Boys & Fashion

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Sep 03, 2013

photo: henry gaudier

If you’re going to take any style advice this year, why not take it from a stylish babe who has ‘model, blogger, fashion journalist, designer and Buzznet style editor’ under her belt? It only seemed fitting to recruit New York resident Audrey Kitching for this week’s instalment of Haute Thing, considering her impressively lengthy resume and notorious personal style that is “Kinda like an Olsen Twin but with more colour palettes”. From Crocs and thongs to the direction a snapback should be facing, we pick Audrey’s brain about the dos and don’ts of mens fashion.

What’s your name? Audrey Kitching.

Who/what influences your style? I’m inspired by anything really. Looking at Tumblr over my morning tea, watching indie films at the local cinema or just flipping through Instagram. I am always overly inspired, if that’s possible! Right now I’m really into vintage Elvis, Mary-Kate Olsen, Alexa Chung, Sky Ferreira and Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

What kind of style do you like on guys? I like a little edgy but also chic and put-together. Nothing that screams ‘trying too hard’. I like my men to be men; I don’t want to compete with them for the mirror.

What should guys just never wear? Flip-flops, Crocs, skimpy tank tops.

What are some current trends that you think guys need to ditch? I’m just not into the snapback hats… never will be. Baseball hat backwards? Sure, I can take that any day!

What are some things, in your opinion, that never get old in men’s fashion? I’m a secret lover of men’s style. I think it’s my inner tomboy – I love going to the men’s shows at fashion week! I think a classic pair of good jeans, a leather jacket, black boots and some faded, distressed simple tees are all you need. My boyfriend is actually head of trend analysis for the Urban Outfitter’s men’s line… so I kinda get the inside scoop.

What do you think it says about a guy if he’s always in sneakers? Lazy, slash possibly a stoner.

You meet a hot guy with bad dress sense. Deal breaker? Ugh… I mean yes and no. You have to be physically attracted to someone and style is a big part of that. But I also think personality is so, so, so important almost moreso.

Guy dresses really well, but still lives with his parents. Deal breaker? Kinda yeah. He needs to stop spending all his money on clothes and get himself an apartment!

Guy spends more money on clothes than you do. Deal breaker? I think so, I’m not into vanity. My job and my style are based on material things but who I am as a person is very simplistic!

Who is a guy who you think personifies good style? Ryan Gosling.

Groomed guys or scruffy guys, who do you prefer? The in-between. Too groomed is a major turn off and too scruffy makes you want to give them a bath… Think of a guy who was punk/skater in his late teens but is a little more refined now but still down to ride.

Finish these sentences:

Every guy should own… floss, a phone charger and clean sheets.

Camo print is… acceptable when done right.

Guys who wear caps are… too ‘wannabe gangster’ or ‘skater hot’ depending on the style.

On a first date a guy should wear… something casual that he would always wear, I don’t like smoke and mirrors all up front or don’t waste anyone’s time.

Guys who wear luxury brands are… eh, not my style.

Graphic t-shirts on guys are… acceptable when a vintage band shirt.

Beards on guys are… sometimes ok.

Tattoos on guys are… hot if they are done right and not super cheesy shit like zombies and Sailor Moon characters. But tattoos don’t make the man.

- See more at: acclaim

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The Astrology Energy Of September: Responsibility

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Sep 02, 2013

Amazing read from Mystic Mama! Get ready September will be wonderful.

Here is the energetic theme of the month as channelled by Lena Stevens from her The Power

“This month is all about the study of responsibility and what role it plays and has played in your life. The role of the king surfaces this month to teach us about appropriate responsibility; how to recognize what is not your responsibility and how to truly embrace what is your own responsibility.



“It is time to be a grownup and to take full responsibility for your own life and the world you live in. It is also time to disconnect from the burdens that are not yours to carry. This month you will be able to examine this area and to make some powerful decisions about what is or is not your responsibility.


“Many of us have imprinting that relates to our self worth and how it is connected to how we serve others by taking on their burdens. Imagine the freedom you will feel when you let those burdens go back to their rightful owners. This does not mean becoming cold and hard and uncaring. It simply means disconnecting from what you cannot accomplish anyway and sealing up the energy leak of feeling responsible for the burdens of others…”

“This is probably the most difficult area of clarity and confusion because of certain karmic agreements and choices that manifest as commitments. For example when you choose to bring a child into the world, it comes with a certain responsibility to provide a container for that child to mature into adulthood to the best of your ability. After that, it is important to relinquish the responsibility over to the adult child to make their own choices in life and deal with their own consequences and karma and relationships and actions. Trying to protect others from themselves interferes with their growth process and only prolongs the inevitable.

“Caring for another human being such as an aging parent or a child or a disabled person is a certain choice sometimes decided upon prior to the lifetime. But the responsibility is usually limited to that of providing physical support and not of carrying the burden of their karma on your back. There is an energetic difference.

“Neutrality around other peoples’ issues that are not your responsibility but that you happen to be around, is extremely important. You can provide a supportive container but you cannot dictate the outcome of their process. By the same token, your process is your responsibility and no one else can do your growth or your process for you. The issue then of responsibility is a 2 way street of allowing others to take responsibility for their lives and you take responsibility for yours.

“This month you will need to be aware of Martyrdom and Impatience as well as Self Deprecation as obstacles that surface when ego attachments are threatened. Keep reminding yourself that you created everything in your life and it is your responsibility to accept it or to change it. This does not mean you can’t ask for help. Just don’t blame anyone else for your predicament and don’t expect anyone else to make it better.

“Here are a few guidelines that will help you in examining this huge area of life and important theme. We suggest you examine each one and see where you are with your responsibilities both necessary and unnecessary.

What you are responsible for:

Your own health and healing.
No one can heal you but they can help you heal. And your health is your responsibility. You always have the power to choose whom you listen to and how you support your health. This month you may be tested in this area and get some lessons around being responsible for your own health.

Your choices and decisions.
No one can make or force you to choose or decide something you don’t want to. If you feel pressured by another person’s agenda to make a certain choice, examine their motivation and then make your own choice which may or may not be the same one.

Your agreements or commitments to do something.
You are responsible for following through with what you agreed to do. If you can’t, then your responsibility is to delegate appropriately. This is especially true in projects and partnerships.

Your relationships.
Whatever you get yourself into is yours to deal with, to nurture, to experience, to complete, and to initiate. This month relationships will be tested as many relationships suffer from projections and expectations about providing something that should be the responsibility of each individual.

Your personal environment.
Beauty, clutter, orderliness, ambience, etc. is all your responsibility. Ask for and get help if you need to. What happens in the greater environment is also your responsibility in the collective sense. Just an awareness of this is an important step in taking responsibility for the planet and it evolution.

Your karma.
No one else will do it for you. This is a good month to examine your personal karma and where your responsibility begins and ends. Sometimes it is difficult to know when karma is complete and when a burden can be released. The key is neutrality. When you can become neutral, you can release it.

Your body.
This is an area where people give their power away. You have the final say and the choices are yours of how you want to take of your body. You can get help and guidance but in the end it is your body and no one else’s. Be responsible

Your ego.
This is a good one. No counselor or psychologist will fix you. They will only offer guidance of how you can work more positively with your ego. There is a lot of personal growth possible this month in the area of responsibility. Denial about addictions and ego driven behaviors may finally be acknowledged in the act of taking responsibility. The task is yours alone.

Your experiences.
Your experiences are yours. No one else will ever experience the world as you do. Honor and appreciate that about yourself and take responsibility for how you experience life. If you experience it through suffering or hardship, you may want to take responsibility for changing that experience to one of joy and satisfaction.

Your happiness.
Your happiness is not dependent on how others love or treat you. It is your responsibility to be happy from within. Don’t expect your partner, your children, your boss, your family, your community or anyone else to make you happy. Only you can make you happy. Find a way to really embody this responsibility to yourself.

Your projects.
You can collaborate and get support, but if it is your project, you are responsible for the people you bring in, holding the vision and the details, and delegating tasks appropriately when needed.

Cleaning up your own messes.
If you messed up, clean it up without judgment. Forgive, apologize and move on. Don’t hold on to blame, guilt or shame. They are energy leaks.

Correcting your mistakes.
Take responsibility. Repair when you can, learn from what did not work, and move on.

Personal endings and completions.
When you know something is finished, don’t wait for someone else to point it out. Take responsibility and empower your completion by ending it well.

Personal beginnings.
Don’t just end up in a situation by default. Take responsibility and really choose the beginning of something like a project, a job, a place to live, a relationship, or a process. This is a good month to begin new things. It is also a good month to end old things. Sometimes you need to end something before you start something new.

Personal growth and change.
If you know something needs to change, don’t wait for change to come to you. Take responsibility and take action and be proactive with your change. This is especially true for those of you in job or relationship situations where you are afraid to make the change you know is necessary. Don’t be afraid to be the first one to take the action you both know is inevitable. It will only empower you in the end and is the responsible thing to do.

“Your Intentions and dreams.
These should be yours and not someone else’s. Take responsibility for dreaming your own dreams and setting your own intentions for you and not for someone else.

“Your prosperity and abundance.
This is a potential area of lots of blame and martyrdom which disempowers you. Your abundance is up to you. Your prosperity will follow. Take responsibility.

Your own behavior and reactions.
If something is up, it is yours to deal with. Watch projections and accept the responsibility that your reactions are not based on someone else’s actions but on something within you that needs attention.

“What you are NOT Responsible for:

“Another’s healing and health.
You can only hold the container and provide the tools.

“Another person’s choices or decisions.
These include family members and your children when they become adults. Refrain from needing to be right and trying to protect another from choices you would not make for yourself. Don’t give advice unless you are asked.

“Another’s happiness or fulfillment in life.
This is especially true in relationships. Your partner’s happiness is NOT your responsibility.

“Other peoples’ karma.
If you take responsibility for this you will be excessively burdened. Let people handle their own karma and don’t interfere. It is not responsible.

“Fixing another’s mistakes, messes or ego driven actions.
This is a form of enabling and does not give the other person any power to learn from their actions and to be responsible for the consequences.

“Another’s experience as being positive or negative.
Everyone experiences life differently. You cannot dictate or be responsible for how someone chooses to hold their experience. Even if you do not understand it, don’t argue with it. It is not your responsibility.

“The outcome of another’s process, growth or change.
You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink (the saying goes). What others do with the tools you offer, the advice you give (when asked of course) and the help available is their responsibility. Don’t be disappointed at the outcome or it becomes an energy leak.

“Other peoples’ relationships.
What they choose to get into or out of is their responsibility. If they ask your advice you can give it, but don’t interfere with the outcome of their decisions.

“What another does with useful information and advice.
Don’t get attached or disappointed or self important or judgmental. Be neutral.

“Another’s prosperity and abundance.
This can be a messy one if you see yourself as responsible. Be wary of taking any action in this area out of guilt, and make sure to examine your motivations and conditions.

“Other people’s agreements and commitments.
Let them be fully responsible.

“Another’s experience of love, being loved or not being loved.
You can’t fix this one. It is not your responsibility.

Collective Responsibility
There is personal responsibility and then there is collective responsibility. On the personal end, you are responsible for living your own life in the best way possible. On the collective end, you are part of the responsibility for the planet and the greater cycles of evolution. The more you can take responsibility for your personal life, the better the results for the collective process of evolution. So focus on your personal life and the collective will follow.”

The $1,475.00 Dolce & Gabbana Flower Crown

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 27, 2013

Flower crowns have been a hit for few years, there is no denying that! A lot of people have been making their own DIY style... This Dolce & Gabbana one is retailing for 1,475.00.... yes you heard me correctly.


I personally think this should be a joke.

Fashion Week Promotion! WIN A $500 Shopping Spree From Me & MISS KL

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 23, 2013

Audrey Kitching Presents: New York Fashion Week!

About Audrey: Juggling multiple projects at a time is far from a struggle for Audrey Kitching as she has taken on the roles of model, fashion designer, and blogger throughout her career.  While she’s hard not to spot in a crowd with her electric pink hair, and iconic personal style, this blogger remains humble as her empire continues to boom. 

Contest runs from August 22nd, 2013 till September 5th, 2013 at 11:59AM EST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email to recieve a $500 Miss KL shopping spree! 



LookBook Nu Interview: Beyond The Hype Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 21, 2013


"There are photos of me at age 4 dressed in neon leopard jumpsuits and pastel crushed velvet rompers."

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I currently spend most of my time in NYC and Philly. I lived in Hollywood for five years and recently came back to the East Coast! I do a little bit of everything, but then again who doesn't these days? I'm a Style Editor at Spin Media for Buzznet and designer. I have a shoe collection coming out in Italy this fall, clothing collection coming out in Rome this Holiday season, and LUNA—my own collection—in production at the moment. I also have a metaphysical crystal shop that sells jewelry and stones called Crystal Cactus and I do modeling campaigns for brands and editorials for magazines.

What are your biggest passions?

Conscious living (via yoga, organic food, holistic products, meditation, eco-friendly choices and spreading awareness when possible), vegan cooking, hiking, gardening, films, styling, creating moodboards…anything that's creative and makes you and others feel good is something I feel very strongly about!

How did you first become interested in fashion and why is it important?

I have been interested in fashion my whole life. There are photos of me at age 4 dressed in neon leopard jumpsuits and pastel crushed velvet rompers. Growing up, my mother made a lot of my clothing and I would help out. I think the creative things we do when we’re young make the foundation for us later in life. Fashion is so important to me because it's an amazing creative outlet that anyone can do with any budget in any location. It's the best way to express yourself and it doesn't hurt that it's fun doing it!

How do you describe the fashion scene where you live compared to other major cities or fashion capitals?

I guess I would compare my life in LA vs NYC. I feel like when I lived in California I wore a lot more heels and fancy dress-up clothing. The vibe there is so different. It's almost like everyone is trying to prove something (though I'm sure this exists in most cities in certain scenes). I have found NYC style to be way more casual and laid back in a way where flats and jeans can be made extremely stylish and realistic for everyday life! When I'm in Philly it's all about casual comfort. Think leather baseball caps, big sunnies, chunky boots, piled-on rings and an oversized T-shirt dress.

Tell us your top 3 places to visit in the United States:

Miami (I am in love with it); San Francisco (great thrifting - what's not to love?); and Arizona (beautifully serene).

What do you love about living in New York?

I'm a big foodie, so I love going to new restaurants! NYC and Philly have some of the best food I have experienced. It's like you could eat at a new award-winning restaurant every day and still not try them all.

Describe your personal style and its influences or inspirations.

My style changes a lot. I would say I'm definitely more of a tomboy. I feel 100% more confident in leather pants or a blazer then a miniskirt or long flowing dress. I love minimal and I love over the top; if possible, the perfect combination of both. For example: crazy flower Prada glasses with a grey pullover and rainbow-fringed bag. I get inspired by everything…cinema, magazines, Tumblr, my fellow fashion peers, runway shows, etc. It's almost an overload at all times!

What are your favorite designers and places to shop?

I'm really big on online shopping. I love Etsy, Ebay and discount shops like Nordstrom Rack. I recently found a Helmut Lang knitted dress marked down to $68 there!

The first thing you look at in another person's outfit is:

Colors, prints and silhouettes.

What do you skimp on?

Overly trendy items, because everyone is already wearing it and they only are relevant for few months.

What do you splurge on?

Basics like a great leather jacket, boots, designer sunglasses and handbag—things you will get the MOST wear out of.

A fashion rule you always break:

Wearing one print at a time…I like to have fun mixing and matching like the Japanese street style kids! They know what they are doing.

A fashion rule you never break:

Wearing pajama pants out. This is never ok! Invest in a rad pair of stylish sweatpants instead. They do exist, I promise!

What do you think is the most recent notable trend to appear/reappear, and what are your thoughts on it?

I'm kinda really over all the negative satanic stuff, like shirts that give the middle finger, say “F*CK,” or "I hate myself"—Why would someone want to promote that? Build yourself up and those around you! Wear things that inspire and give you motivation, not tear you down. You can be rebellious and grunge and still be classy and uplifting!

What is the most underrated item in menswear and womenswear?

For menswear, this is for sure pants. My boyfriend does the menswear trend analyses for all the Urban Outfitters buyers and he always has the most bad ass pants. As for womenswear, I think a great bag—so many people skimp on them, but you are using it everyday! Get a great one that will really last and compliment every outfit, especially those days you wish you were still in bed and opt for no makeup and last night's T-shirt.

Your favorite color of the moment is:

Nude, gold, pale ballerina pink, metallic, and neon yellow.

What is your next "must have" purchase?

Dolce & Gabbana’s Garden Flowers Cat Eye glasses in clear!

What is the ultimate showpiece in your closet?

This hand-beaded body suit by a brand called Bebaroque that they sent me one for my birthday recently. Katy Perry rocks them a lot. They are beyond beautiful!

Are there any fashion icons or famous people whose style you admire?

I love the Olsen twins, Chloe Norgaard, Kristen Stewart and Lana Del Rey.

What's on your iPod, bookstand & DVD player at the moment?

I have been watching Orange Is The New Black! It's a Netflix watch instant series by the creator ofWeeds. It's brilliant! Oh, and I watched Mad Men, the entire 6 seasons, in less then three weeks... I have a strangely weird crush on Pete Campbell.

What can't you live without?

Bubble baths, authentic Mexican food, spa days, my cat and nature hikes.

Next place you want to travel to:

Probably France, as I have never been but would love to go! I think it would be so magical, like that Sex & the City episode minus all the drama.

What is your personal favorite outfit on by you, and by another member?

Neon Rain and Missy Industry by Madeline Pendleton.

In the year 2018, you will be:

Awesome, successful and healthy.

What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice?

Be yourself. Wear what makes you feel good. Trends come and go, so be the trendsetter, not the follower. Confidence is the best accessory anyone can wear, and it's free!

Check out the full interview HERE!

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Karen London Is Having An Audrey SALE!

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 16, 2013


I was honored to have opened my email and saw such a sweet flyer! Thank you so much, all my followers can use this special discount code!

Enter The Dreamscape

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 14, 2013

A very special close friend of mine is working on the most amazing - beautiful - inspiring project! Please watch this video as it will expand your mind and flow in new ideas! KICKSTARTER

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