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Hayley Williams Badass New Hair

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 12, 2013

Hayley Williams showed off her new 20's rocker style hair last night at The Teen Choice awards and honestly I think it's brilliant! She looks beautiful and the cage top along with it is just badass!


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Sunday Zen

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 11, 2013

Stay motivates, stay creative, stay mindful, stay balanced, stay awesome but most of all stay happy! Sunday is Zen day, use it for yourself.

What I Wore: Mink Pink & Lemonade Hair

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 09, 2013

Shoes: Vans Girl, Shorts: Mink Pink, Top: DIY Custom, Necklace: Bloodmoon Couture

Hair chalk is so much fun, seriously I can't stop playing with it. My one major down side is it always stains the top of your shirts... totally worth it though. I have a week or so off that im going on vacation for and thinking of dying my hair rainbow before I go back to pink for Fashion Week! Experimenting is healthy... I think?

Im in crazy production mode on Luna im a little more then half way done the line with will release in October! It is everything I have always wanted to do as far as designing. Im very pleased and I know you guys will love it. For now im still trying beat this terrible code with vitamin C powder, mangos and green tea.  

Beyoncé Gets A Pixie Cut

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 08, 2013

Beyoncé showed off her new Pixi cut on her instagram account last night!

LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT?.. I kinda like it! 

Selena Gomez Covers i-D Magazine

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 06, 2013

Selena is looking ultra grown up and high fashion on the new cover of i-D Magazine! Im loving this look on her.. THOUGHTS?

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Weekly Inspirations

Kesha's Style Transformation: Love Or Hate?

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jul 26, 2013

I know you all picture the same thing when I say Kesha's picture glitter and some type of animal print right?

I have to say she has always been one to stand out in a crowd (not that that is a bad thing) and lately she has been getting glam!

Love those shoes!!

I think her minor changes in fashion have kept her unique edge yet made her look more mature and put together. 

What are your thoughts on her style?


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Headed To Red Bull Sound Select NYC

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jul 24, 2013

Just confirmed tickets to see The Gaslight Anthem at Red Bull's Sound Select event this coming weekend in NYC. Excited to see what the show has in store.

What concerts are you going to this summer?

What I Wore: Summer Daze

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jul 23, 2013


Shoes: Marc Jacobs, Shorts: Motel Rocks, Top: Nylon ASOS

Happy full moon trippers in Leo! My birthday is a few days away and I haven't had a moment to even think about it. I haven't been this busy in so long, but I guess that's a good thing. Currently eating oatmeal and dissecting my weird dream I had last night. Me and Dane Dehaan were building art sculptures in back of a hotel.. yeah don't ask. Shooting a few magazine editorials on my birthday weekend in Manhattan and having meetings all week for the production on Luna. I get a vacation the end of August before the Fashion Week madness set's in and it's all im thinking about. Beach, coconuts and no computer. In normal news my cat's crazy.

Hope everyone is enjoying there Summer so far! 

TV Must See: Watch “Please Like Me” and I’ll Like You on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jul 17, 2013

TV Must See: Watch “Please Like Me” and I’ll Like You on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

“Please Like Me” is my new Lol TV obsession and I can’t wait for everyone to see it!  It will air on Pivot on August 1st, but a sneak peek of the first episode, Rhubarb And Custard, just posted online HERE.

It’s based on actual painfully awkward events of creator and star Josh Thomas. He is adorable, has a dog named John that he dresses in tutus and is on his way to being the male Lena Dunham.


 Video Clip of series:

You and all your friends are going to fall in love with Please Like Me and given the name, thought it would be fun to give everyone that watches and shares the show the opportunity for Me To Like You on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Here’s how…

1.    Watch the Premiere Episode of “Please Like Me” on

2.    On your personal Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram upload the “Please Like Me” image below as your profile picture

3.    And then post in your status:

Twitter Update:  Just watched #PleaseLikeMe on @pivot_tv. Thx @Audreykitching 4 sharing! Watch the episode NOW 

Facebook Status: Just watched the new @Pivot television show #PleaseLikeMe. Love! Thx @The Official Audrey Kitching for sharing! The 1st episode is online NOW. Def watching the whole series Aug. 1. 


Instagram Post: Post one of the Please Like Me photos below        

Along with the comment: Just watched the new @pivottv show #PleaseLikeMe. So cute! Thx @akitching 4 sharing!


4.    Then, come back to this blog and paste the links to all your posts together as a comment, along with the reason why I should Like You.

5.    I will check out all your posts and comments and next Wednesday,

July 24 I will choose 3 people who I will follow on FB, Twitter and Instagram for a week and will give a shout out to!

My WWD FN Platform Shoe Feature

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jul 15, 2013

Im so honored to have had a shoe feature done in WWD FN Platform! Read all about my shoe love below!

With her signature pink hair and penchant for sparkles, flower headbands and bold, quirky ensembles, Audrey Kitching clearly has a wild side. But the modelfashion blogger and designer is pragmatic when it comes to shoes. 

“I like to dress up, but I also like to be able to run errands in the same outfit,” said Kitching, who divides her time between New York and Los Angeles and maintains well-stocked shoe closets in both cities. “I like to wear heels that are comfortable and mix street style with a casual daily life.” 

The Philadelphia-born 27-year-old has two apparel lines and a jewelry collection, and in the past few seasons has become more visible on the footwear scene. For fall ’12, Irregular Choice named Kitching the face of the brand, and she served as art director, stylist and model for that season’s lookbook, which was shot in Kitching’s hometown. 

She also modeled for emerging shoe designer Kerol D. last year and recently was hired as a designer for the Milan-based label. “I’m creating a 12-piece collection [for fall ’14],” Kitching said, noting her Kerol D. styles will be available in the U.S. and that the gig is likely permanent. “There will be a really chunky-heeled boot and a high heel. They are giving me free rein, so I’m a bit overwhelmed because there are so many choices.”

The multitasker also is adding published author to her resume. Her style guide, “Budget Fashionista,” which she is self-publishing, hits shelves this fall. “It teaches how you can have a designer wardrobe without [breaking the bank],” Kitching said. 

Her own closets are a testament to that ideal, asFootwear News discovered when Kitching opened the doors to her New York abode and shared a glimpse of her wallet-friendly shoe collection.

Pairs owned: Roughly 200

Early shoe memories: “When ‘Sex & the City’ first came out, I was too young to understand it and get into it, but then [in my late teens] I started watching the reruns and DVDs and it made me become obsessed with shoes.”

Most beloved labels: 
“I really like Dolce Vita because they are comfortable. And Jeffrey Campbell is great for the super on-trend, crazy stuff. I like Irregular Choice as well because they’re wild. I have a few pairs of Elizabeth & James shoes, which are really comfortable. Then I have Vans and Chucks for hiking and exercise.”

Most frequently worn shoes: “I have a pair of House of Harlow 1960 moccasins that are rainbow beaded and kind of my slip-on, run-and-get-takeout shoes. As far as heels, my most worn would be a pair of Jeffrey Campbell leather lace-up boots with wood heels.”

Oldest pair: “Nike shoes that a Scottish designer named Pauline Clifford made for me about seven years ago. She hand-crystallized the entire shoe and I hardly wear them. I’m scared that the Swarovski crystals will come off, and they are in perfect condition. I wore them once for a photo shoot.”

Highest heel: “A lace-up boot by Unif with a 6.5-inch heel. I knew they were the highest, but I had to measure them [to be sure].”

Biggest footwear splurge: 
“Three years ago, when the Prada ‘chandelier’ shoes came out, I got them on clearance for like $400. It wasn’t bad compared to the original price.”

Most regrettable pairs: “Those are the shoes I consider ‘photo-shoot shoes.’ I buy a lot of shoes online so I don’t really get to try them on. Some look great online and then they get here and they are so painful or hard to walk in.”

Wildest style:
 “I have this Irregular Choice pair where the actual heel is a diamond shape. It comes down to a little point but [above that is] a huge triangle. They’re pretty crazy, and every time I wear them, people are like, ‘How are you walking?’”

Currently coveting:
 “Acne Studios’ [Salma High] boots. They have rainbow-glitter jelly heels. It’s awesome.”

Shopping destinations:, Opening Ceremony, Nordstrom and Barneys New York

Technique for locating hard-to-find brands:
 “I’m a crazy Google person. I will Google something for hours until I find it. If you really want to find something and you search for it, you’ll find it.”

Best tip for shopping on a budget: “At the end of every season, like mid-summer, big online shoe stores put all their stuff on sale because they want to bring in that fall inventory. Wait until the middle of July to buy some of your summer shoes, and you are going to get them for 60 percent off.”

Favorite footwear moment from a film: “The movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ stands out for me, when [main character Rebecca Bloomwood] is putting her credit card in the freezer in a cup of water so she can’t go buy shoes.”

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