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ToAdorn: New Fashion Shopping Site Offering Amazing Exclusive Deals

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jul 15, 2013

This post brought to you by ToAdorn. All opinions are 100% mine.

Don't you wish sometimes that your favorite fashion items could just be onsale... even for just a little while? Well, with new fashion deals web site ToAdorn, you can get the fashionable, trendy items you want at the low prices you can afford easily... and quickly!

From fabulous necklaces, to cute housewares, to trendy tops and dresses and more, ToAdorn is stocked to the brim with super cute fashion items and kitschy home wares at amazing blowout prices like 50. But how does it work, you ask? It's simple! Every day at 12 a.m., ToAdorn stocks the site with new amazing items at super low, exclusive prices that last for three days. 

The fashion deals are quite fleeting though, and usually don't stick around for long, so I urge you to jump on the deals that you love quickly before they sell out or expire! But, to be honest, that's kinda of the fun part anyway.

To purchase at the special To Adorn discounted prices, all you have to do is sign up with the site. How easy is that? And if you join the mailing list, you'll even receive sneak peeks of upcoming items! Plus, to Adorn has teamed up with the best sellers around the web, ensuring shoppers top item picks and fabulous trends for super low, exclusive prices just for members.

ToAdorn is super easy to use - and fun! - and I love that every day new items are rotated in, making for a more exciting and fresh shopping experience every time. Recently, I even found these super cute necklaces that were originally for $42, now for only $16.99... over 60% off! It already expired, but I was lucky enough to grab it while I could. I've also seen cute bracelets, trendy summer dresses, and even cute, cozy wares for my house.

Check out ToAdorn today and I'm sure you'll find amazing good deals, too. And don't forget to like them on Facebook for even more information! Just click here: Facebook

What do you guys think? Take a minute to take a look around the site and check out their offerings. Will you guys be checking out and shopping with ToAdorn?

Sunday Zen Advice

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jul 14, 2013

“A thoroughly good relationship with ourselves results in being still, which doesn’t mean we don’t run and jump and dance about. It means there’s no compulsiveness. We don’t overwork, overeat, oversmoke, overseduce. In short, we begin to stop causing harm.”

The Wild Magazine Feature / Interview

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jul 10, 2013


Who: Audrey Kitching

Where she was born: Philadelphia

Where she lives now: NYC

What she does: Fashion journalist, Model, Designer, Stylist, Studying Reiki Master

What she’s currently working on:
I have so many projects in the works at all times–slightly overwhelming to be honest. The ones taking up most of my time currently are a shoe collection I’m designing for a brand in Italy; The Fashionista’s Budget Bible–a book im releasing this Fall; a limited edition clothing line; Crystal Cactus–hand made crystal necklaces infused with positive vibrational frequencies; and a vegan fashion cooking show online!

What good energy means to her:
Honestly, real, loyal and loving. So many people want to preach about being some type of prophet or god like being yet their actions are so contradicting. If you judge other people, gossip, spread jealousy and are more consumed with materialism then the people and species around you then your probably not spreading good energy! You have to love everything as much as yourself. That’s true positivity.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too little of: chocolate, time for bubble baths, kittens, world love, real education of things that matter and Ryan Goslings.
Too much of: misquotes in the summer, satanic style clothing, bad extensions and peas… I really don’t like peas unless they are snowpeas.

With whom she would like most to go on a tête à tête:
Probably Ryan Gosling, I’m really on a Ryan kick, I think he’s probably really strange and weird in person and I’m into that. But he should have that blond bleached hair and fake tattoos look like in A Place Beyond The Pines.. that was pretty badass.

What she would be doing if she didn’t have her current occupation:
I’m training to be a Reiki Master, so most likely something in energy healing, vegan chef or interior designer.. I kinda do all three as hobby’s anyway. You have to have a passion and love what you do.

On her life-to-do list:
Visit India and ride an elephant, drink vanilla chia lattes under the Eiffel Tower, do yoga at the Egyptian Pyramids, and crack the codes of the universe.

Her earliest memory:
I have this strange memory of being about 2 and standing under the kitchen table in a Minnie Mouse onsie with a pink sippie cup of apple juice..

What she considers a fashion faux-pas:
UGGS, wearing pajama pants in public and trying to wear every trend at the same time.

What cracks her up:
Louis CK.

What she can’t live without:
Bubble baths, tea, my iPhone, vegan taco’s, raw kale juice, cats and over-sized sunglasses.

With whom she would like to grow old:
My cat, my boyfriend Daniel and possibly a baby lion.

What she would like to leave to future generation:

Audrey’s WILD Wish:
For everyone to be nice to each other and unicorns to really exist so I can ride one instead of driving.


TODAY! Meet Audrey Kitching At Warped Tour & Shop Her Brands

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 28, 2013

I will be at the NJ, Philly and NYC Warped tour dates debuting my new line LUNA by Audrey Kitching and selling Crystal Cactus at the Keep A Breast Girlz Garage Buzznet booth from 12-4! I haven't been to one in years, look forward to hanging out with you guys and hopefully not melting!

Which Celeb Only Own 8 Pairs Of Shoes?

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 27, 2013

Emma Watson recently revealed she only has eight pairs of shoes in her possession. In part of the movie The Bling Ring She says that Paris Hilton could never wear all the clothes she owns in her life, half her closet even still have the price tags on it!

Girl next door, college grad, starlet and eco ethical? What's not to love!

Exclusive Access: 24 Hours bebaroque Pre-Sale On New Collection

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 26, 2013

I recently became obsessed with UK fashion line bebaroque's gorgeous hand-made dresses, leggings, and boysuits featuring stunningly intricate tattoo designs and prints. The line, as worn by Katy Perry and other fashion It Girls in the know, is known for it's super feminine artistic designs. And now I'm super thrilled to share the brand with all of you guys!

In fact, the brand new SS13 bebaroque collection launches on Friday June 28th... But I'm giving you guys a special early access to shop the collection before the public! Starting tomorrow (the 27th) at 7 AM EST, you can grab all the gorgeous must-have pieces for your summer wardrobe.

Just follow THIS LINK for your advance early access to shop the new collection for 24 hours tomorrow! Have fun shopping!

Recipe: Mint Watermelon Soda

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 26, 2013

I love fresh fruit drinks in the Summer! One of my favorite and super easy ones is a watermelon mint soda!


- Watermelon chopped up (seedless)

- Freh mint leaves 

- Fizzy water (This will make it a soda) or Spring water

- Ice

- Blender

1. Chop up your seedless water melon and throw it in a blender, add a tiny bit of water and blend until it becomes liquid.

2. Chop the fresh mint in half to release the flavors

3. Add ice, sparkeling or fresh water to half your glass. Pour the water melon juice in the remainder and add the fresh mint! If you have a sweet tooth you can also mix in some natural raw sugar or Agave!


Oracle Goddess Reading Of The Week: Hathor

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 24, 2013

If your anything like me a Monday after a full super moon weekend is not your favorite way to jump into the week. I have been feeling very overwhelmed and rushed on top of being exhausted! I pulled a card this morning for the upcoming week and it's so perfect with timing. It's all about resting, recharging, letting yourself bask in the energy from the full moon!

Card Meaning:  Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy, and ability to give to others.

Message from Hathor:  You have a maternal side to you that naturally cares for those in need, yet this must be balanced with receptivity or the flow is blocked.  Receiving is the essence of feminine energy, and it means allowing yourself to receive with grace and gratitude.  If you feel guilty when asking others for help, or if you feel bad about receiving gifts, then you block your feminine energy.  Your receptivity is just as natural as your nurturing, giving energy. When you receive, you have more resources to give to others.  Begin by noticing the hundreds of gifts you receive each day, whether it’s seeing beauty in nature, witnessing a touching human moment, or being hugged by a loved one.  Simply say ‘Thank You’ for each gift, and know that they’re filling up your storehouse, keeping the Divine flow going strong.

Various Meanings of This Card:  Be still and listen •  Release guilt about receiving • Ask for help • Increase psychic awareness • Know that you’re in a learning cycle • Healing is occurring • Be more in your feminine energy • 

About Hathor:  This beloved Egyptian goddess is represented by the head of a cow to symbolize the sacred animal’s life-giving milk and mothering.  Hathor is a benevolent sky and sun goddess who helps with all aspects of child conception, birthing, and raising.  Call upon Hathor to guide you in nurturing yourself and your loved ones.

Disfunkshion Magazine Article: Audrey Kitching's Line Heals Mind, Body, Soul

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 24, 2013

Despite her affinity for fake nails, over-the-top couture, and rainbow-hued hair, fashion blogger extraordinaire Audrey Kitching has always been drawn to the natural side. The pink-coiffed fashion icon recently launched Crystal Cactus, a new web store specializing in crystal pendant jewelry, holistic spa treatments, reiki-infused jewelry, and — you guessed it — crystal cacti gifts.

Crystal Cactus launched in early 2013 and was born out of a desire to fuse two worlds together: the fashion industry and the new-age movement. “I work in the fashion industry which is insanely materialistic, but at the same time I’m a very health-conscious, holistic healer who uses only natural products,” Kitching said. “I wanted to show people that you can fuse the two together. Just because you love nature, camping, crystals, and yoga doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable and appreciate what the industry has to offer in terms of inspiration.”

When it comes to the Crystal Cactus shop, there certainly is plenty to offer, both in terms of aesthetic and holistic purpose. Kitching has created a line where the fashion has healing properties and the healing products are fashionable.

Her Himalayan Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak, which comes in a brilliant ice blue hue and natural lavender oil scent, is said to provide “cleansing for the body, mind, and soul.” She also sells a colorful Heart Engraved Chakra Healing Stone Set which, when not being used to heal the imbalanced body and spirit with its infusion of DNA-restoring vibrations, makes for a beautiful accent piece on a shelf.

However, the pièce de résistance would have to be Kitching’s reiki-infused rings. Each one-of-a-kind, handmade gold or silver-foiled ring, available in an assortment of vibrant natural crystal designs from hematite to agate, is infused with reiki cleansing properties. “Most diseases and sickness come from negative energy and blocked chakras,” she explains. “Reiki-infused jewelry is not only aesthetically-pleasing, but promotes many healing properties, helps with chakra cleansing, and can ward off anxiety and negative energy.”

Of her long-term goals for Crystal Cactus, Kitching says, “I just want to keep doing what I am. I want to inspire people to look outside the box and begin to awaken to a world that they may not have known existed before.”

Crystal Cactus products are available at

Words by: Erica Russell / Photos by: Liz Bessanson / Hair by: Lisa Nocera 


The Yin & Yang Of Summer Solstice

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jun 21, 2013

I loved this post from Free People's blog on "The Yin & Yang Of Summer Solstice" it's exactly what I was looking for in preparation I know you guys will love it as much as I do! Here is what to expect..

Today's equinox marks our transition into summer, and with it, a shift in energy. We move from spring, marked by a perfect balance between yin and yang, into summer, the season of yang. But what does this mean? By studying the characteristics of yang energy, we can understand what things to enjoy, what precautions to take, and how to keep it all in balance for the summer months ahead.

Yin and Yang Explained  

In simple terms, yin and yang are the two energies present in everything. They are both opposite, but equal, and one cannot exist without the other. Over time, balance between the two ebbs and flows like a wave. The energy is never static, but rather shifting from one to the other, and existing together. Night moves into day, heat becomes cool, the puddles become dry, and seasons change from one to the next. Both yin and yang are marked by specific characteristics that can help you define when one is more present than the other, and also when they are in equal balance.  




Yang in Summer  

Yang energy is fiery and hot. It’s light over darkness, energetic and active. It is also characterized as dry. During summer months this manifests itself in long, hot days. Plants sprouted in spring are full of yang energy to finally bear fruit. As humans, we feel passionate and tend to be more interactive and social. Energy is at a high, and we stay out late to dance it off under the moon.    

Opportunities to Seize  

Take advantage of your added energy at this point in the year. It’s a great time to start new projects and enjoy being active. The aura around you is bright and joyous. Soak it up, share it around, and keep a little stowed away for when you’ll need it in the winter months. 

Keeping Yang in Balance

Be careful not to let yang’s energy scorch you too much. Yang in excess will dry up your insides, and can make you prone to illness associated with heat such as headaches, dehydration, infections, fevers, and irritability. Try to bring yin energy into the situation to balance things out. Drink plenty of water or dive into a pool. Eat foods that have a coolness to them like mint, basil, and juicy fruits and vegetables. While it’s good to absorb that yang energy, pay attention to your body and make sure it isn’t getting overloaded with it. If things feel out of whack, pick a slow, more meditative yoga practice over running at high sun. The earth is also characterized by yin energy, and connecting yourself to it will help you feel balanced. Go barefoot, try your hand at gardening, or let your friends bury you in the sand.

Final Words  

As we experience solstice, get ready for all that is to come. As yang takes reign, welcome in the summer. We are about to enter into a beautiful time of year, full of enjoyment and happiness. Just remember to bring in yin so that you can experience it to its fullest.  Happy summer solstice, everyone!    

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