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Exercise Shoe Lust: Nike Roshe Woven Premium

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Feb 18, 2013



I may or may not have just bought these Nike Roshe Woven Premium running shoes. As the cold starts to dissipate here on the east coast my love for exercising in nature is returning. Looking forward t wearing these soon as it warms up a bit more! Still on the fence weither they are brilliant or ugly beautiful?


Sunday Polyvore Style Moodboard

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Feb 17, 2013

Currently trying to unwind from Fashion Week. I haven't had a day or half a day off since it ended. I kinda feel like I was thrown into a tornato. If I could have 12 hours of sleep and a few hours to vedge out I would probably feel great! I never had a probalem balencing personal life and work but Im feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment. Not enough time in the days. I need to hire a part time assitant to help with work projects I think.

Started yesterday off with cupping and accupuncture and still in a slight daze from it. Hoping to sneak away from my office and go to some museums at some point today. Sunday should be a universal day off! All I want to do it start painting and finish up some projects, so many new ones starting all the time.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.. looking forward to getting back to my normal blogging!

Miss KL Dating Chronicles: Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Feb 07, 2013

We are officially 8 days away from Valentine's Day! Do you have plans yet? Or will you be at home wolfing down I’m-single-and-hate-V-Day cookies? If you are leaning towards the cookies, we’ll be right there with you. This week we wanted you to hear a story from Audrey Kitching. Worst Date:

Valentine's Day has always been a nightmare for me to be honest. I don’t think I have ever had a magical one. My worst date, though, was around age 18. I was dating this guy and spent the night at his house. He had all of his friends over and they just watched porn all night, and he didn’t even give me a cheesy teddy bear or heart-shaped box of chocolates. I went out of my way and got him some movies, posters- stuff he had wanted. I tried to make it special. I was so upset during all of this that I started texting my friend in the city, crying. He randomly showed up at the front door with a baseball bat a few hours later, trying to fight the guy I was dating! To say the least, there was certainly nothing romantic or magical about that Valentine’s Day.”

Staying in for Valentine's Day this year is honestly starting to sound like the safest option!

New York Fashion Week: Adidas Neo Event Featuring Selena Gomez

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Feb 07, 2013

The Adidas Neo fashion event last night was such a great time. The event started with a runway jungle gym type structure that wrapped around the room. All the models walked down into the crowd, back up around it and hung out until the finale. At the end Selena Gomez came out to talk a bit about the line. I'm convinced she is the cutest little angle. So sweet and real! Over all the clothing and models were rad and the music went along perfect with the presentation! Check out my photos below.


Find Your Way Through Oz!

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Feb 06, 2013

I am always browsing the Internet for inspirations and ideas for my posts, so I tend to randomly come across really cool websites.

Recently, I stumbled upon this interactive Disney website that is based around the new movie "Oz The Great And Powerful" coming out this year. It caught my attention not only because of James Franco, but because it let me take photos with my webcam, explore the circus and even direct a hot air balloon through this crazy storm...pretty impressive. I took some screen shots from my "trip through Oz" to share with you all...

I don't care how old you are, we all love getting lost in fairytale movies and games and this was the perfect combination of the two. 

They even had a part for you music fans, where you can make your own song that plays throughout the rest of your journey!

SO whether you are a Disney and/or James Franco fan or you're simply looking for something fun to keep you busy, I definitely suggest taking your very own "Trip through Oz" HERE! 

How did you like it? Are you planning to see this movie when it comes out?

Chic and Colorful Leggings: No nonsense tights

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Feb 04, 2013

This post brought to you by No nonsense.  All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm loving the comfy new tights and leggings from No nonsenseNo nonsense tights and leggings are so easy to throw on with a chunky sweater and jewelry overload for a simple and chic look. Whether you want to dress up or down, these colorful tights are a perfect staple piece for any wardrobe! Here's how I style my No nonsense tights: think pinky-nude oversized sweater, lots of gold jewelry, and sky-high Litas for an effortless look!

Powder Puff by audreykitchingofficial featuring loose sweaters

Visit No nonsense on Facebook for more styles! How would you rock your No nonsense tights?

Sunday Polyvore Style Moodboard 2/3

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Feb 03, 2013

Im currently drinking an apple, carrot, ginger, grapefruit, beet juice and eating a vegan BLT. I was up in the air about fashion week over the past few days but have decided to attend. It's a week of craziness in the most intense way possible. No time for anything really. Tonight I will start pulling looks and outfits but when it's 20 degrees and snowing and your trying to catch cabs and rush all over the city, it's really hard to dress the way you would prefer!

Hoping to launch Crystal Cactus tonight! I have a few finishing touches to add on and a few more products to complete! Im opening it with a handful of different items, but I can't wait to add more. Finishing my mood and dream boards is also on todays agenda! I have been so inspired and have to finish as much as I can before Fashion Week. I have been in creative overdrive, no makeup, comfy clothing and long hours.

current obsessions: dream catchers, white candles, calm yogi tea, flower petal baths, beet juice, mint facemasks, DIYS, sleeping in, rose lip gloss, lighter eyebrows, saying what's on your mind, early yoga classes and indoor lemon trees.

Give Your Sweater A DIY Makeover!

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jan 30, 2013

I'm going to start posting some of my favorite DIYs from around the web along with my own pesonal ones! Expect about two a week. I hope you guys are ready to be inspired and start crafting because I have some amazing ones to share with you!

Try this:

1. Take an old sweater.

2. Cut a slit in along the shoulder down about 7".

3. Fold over raw edge and sew in place.

4. Sew a piece of ribbon about 15" long to one side of neckline and another ribbon to the other side of the neckline.

5. Tie together!

Sunday Polyvore Mood Board 1/27

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jan 27, 2013

This week I am feeling very simple. The tempature has been in the low 20's! Coldest it has been all Winter. I have been hibernating inside by the fire place in comfy clothing as often as possible! I have a new addiction to strawberries and raw kale, don't get me wrong I have always loved them... but recently it is all I want to eat. Later today im shooting the final products for Crystal Cactus and hopinh to launch it within a few days! I made my dead sea salt bath srubs in glass honey jars last night and tried them out and they were amazing.

This full moon in Leo mixed with the veil lifting had turned people into total psycho's. People can't hide anymore ad pretend to be something they are not. It becomes very obvious and sometimes scary. Im gearing up for Fashion Week at the moment, getting invites and looks together. Fashion Week is one of those things that at the time you want to crawl under a bed and resurface when it's over. Down the line for some reason you always look back with fond memories, I haven't understood this concept yet.

I have been drinking Chamomile tea my whole life all day even in the morning, I never understood it because it's not something you drink when your trying to wake up. Recently I read an article about how negitive energy is repelled by Chamomile, very intresting. Do your mind, body and soul a favor and stock up!

current obsessions: vegan nutella, chunky craft glitter on nails, rose face masks, lavender bed time tealights around my room, not letting anything control me, revamping my studio and office, documentries on watch instand Netflix, morning kitty cuddles, adding lemon to my tea, reading my energy blogs in the bubble bath, revamping my dreamcatchers.

Finding Peace When You Feel Scared

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Jan 22, 2013

Came across this great article thought you guys might be able to take something from it!

Finding Peace When You Feel Scared About What Might Happen

Limbo is not a bad place.

Instead of getting yourself all charged up about how a situation may or may not turn out, get comfortable in the space of not knowing. If you are someone who likes to know or control everything, this may be difficult to do—which is perfect. You now have an opportunity to see how good you can become at handling uncertainty.

Try not to worry.

Worrying is useless. It serves absolutely no purpose. The only time you can make a difference in your life is now. The past is gone & the future hasn’t happened yet. Don’t use your present time worrying about things you can’t control.

Make no mistake, planning is not worrying. Planning is when you lay down the steps needed to create a desired future. Worrying is when you stress out about something that has happened or hasn’t happened yet.

Instead of worrying, meditate, practice gratitude, become still, listen to your soul, & surround yourself with love.

Nothing is permanent.

Nothing is permanent! Days become nights, the fall becomes the winter, babies are born, elders pass away, & wounds heal.

Whether you are sick, have a broken heart, or are just not in life where you want to be, know that whatever your predicament is, it will pass. Your life is not falling apart; it is falling into place. Your job is to take the pieces & put them together in a way that fulfills the highest expression of yourself.

It is okay to be afraid.

It doesn’t mean that you are weak. It takes a strong person to admit their fear. Sometimes acknowledging your fear can help you move past it enough to take the next step in your process, whatever that may be.

Maybe you want to start a business. Maybe you want to go back to school. Maybe you want to confront someone. Maybe you want to forgive them. Say “I’m afraid” & then get about the business of creating the life you want.

Surround yourself with love.

Let those close to you know what is going on in your life & how you feel about it. There is no need to carry the weight of a challenge on your own. Sometimes hearing others talk can shed light on what would otherwise be a bleak situation.

Take care of yourself.

Rest when you need to. Cry when you need to. Talk when you need to. Pray when you need to. And laugh when you need to.

You are always going to be okay.

As long as you know that you are more than the stuff you own, more than what you think, more than the physical body you reside in, you are going to be okay, whether the predicament ends in the way that you want it to or not.

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